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Yu Yu Hakusho - 30th Anniversary Box Set [Blu-ray]

Yu Yu Hakusho - 30th Anniversary Box Set [Blu-ray]

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Genre: Animation, Anime & Manga, Art House & International, Action & Adventure
Format: Subtitled, NTSC
Contributor: Various
Language: Japanese
Runtime: 44 hours and 30 minutes

The occult classic returns for the 30th anniversary!

Yu Yu S1Yuyu S2Yu yu S3Yu YU S4

Yu Yu S1

Yuyu S2

Yu yu S3

Yu YU S4

When fourteen-year-old punk Yusuke sacrifices himself, he becomes employed by the afterlife! Now he’s working as a Spirit Detective to track down demons and humans who desire to rule the three realms of reality.

Survival is the order of the day as Yusuke and his allies face off against the fierce competition of the Dark Tournament. Everything turns grim when a demon from the past is reawakened, and they face the deadly Toguro brothers!

The Dark Tournament is down to a final grudge match, and to win, Yusuke unleashes his full wrath. But there’s no time for rest when a new enemy threatens the boundary between worlds. Now up against his predecessor, Yusuke must awaken a new demonic power.

Three legendary kings have begun to wage war now that the gateway between worlds lies open. But to stop this situation in the Demon Realm, Yusuke may need to shed his humanity and accept his royal blood. From punk to royal, his final chapter unfolds.

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