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See You When the Snow Falls (Light Novel)

See You When the Snow Falls (Light Novel)

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A story about the twilight years of youth

Yamato Satoshi is a high school student when he finds a Snow Maiden spirit in the snowy mountains near Nagano. Her name is Yuki, and she has an unfulfilled desire preventing her from passing on. She wants to try all the drinks in nearby vending machines! With no one else who can see her, Satoshi is the only one who can help. He returns to the mountains every winter, bringing her new offerings every time, hoping she can find peace.

While helping her pass on throughout the years, Satoshi struggles with growing up, starts dating, and makes mistakes. He stands at the border between youth and adulthood while she is on the border between the living and the dead.

A boy and girl, the living and the dead – what will they find on their bittersweet journey?

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