Power Rangers- A Day to Remember- Story overview

Power Rangers- A Day to Remember- Story overview

Genre- Fanmade, Fantasy, Sci fi

This is a fanmade series. Please support the official release.

Becca Hart is an orphan who knows her way around the streets. 200 years after the defeat of Vengix, by the RPM rangers, humanity is on the rise again. Now that humanity has learned how to tap into the morphing grid, an almost limitless power source, they’ve built gigantic cities and are now protected by the Delta 6 rangers. They protect us from threats on earth and threats in space.

Becca, having lost her parents in a monster attack, finds herself now about to enter the ranger academy to join this elite group when she receives a mysterious box. A present from a different era. An unknown history of mankind’s fight against Vengix. A newfound strength that will open a mystery that can shatter the very paradigm of her world. There were other rangers!

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