Do Your Part as a Citizen of Super Earth!

Do Your Part as a Citizen of Super Earth!

**["Helldivers' Triumph Against the Terminids and Automatons"]**

*By Fleet Commander Rigel Vox, Reporting from the Front Lines*

**[Buenos Aires, Terra Nova System]** — Citizens of the Federation, brace yourselves for a transmission that will echo across the vast expanse of the galaxy. Today, we stand on the precipice of victory, our boots planted firmly in the scorched soil of Terra Nova, our resolve unyielding. The Helldivers, those indomitable warriors, have carved their legacy into the annals of history, pushing back the relentless tide of the Terminids and their soulless Automaton allies.

## **The Battle of Nova Prime**

In the heart of the Nova Prime sector, our Helldiver battalions clashed with the Terminid swarms. The skies blazed with plasma fire, and the ground trembled beneath the weight of colossal war machines. Our infantry fought with valor, their powered exosuits amplifying their strength and agility. The Automatons, cold and calculating, advanced relentlessly, their metal forms immune to fear or fatigue.

But it was the Helldivers who turned the tide. Their plasma lances cut through the Terminid carapaces, and their jump jets allowed them to dance above the fray, raining death upon the enemy. In a desperate gambit, Captain Kara "Hellfire" Voss led a daring charge, breaching the Terminid hive and detonating a fusion bomb at its core. The resulting explosion incinerated the hive and sent shockwaves through the enemy ranks. Nova Prime was ours.

## **The Siege of Fort Titan**

Fort Titan, a bastion of human resistance, had held out against relentless Automaton assaults. The mechanized legions, devoid of emotion, had pounded the fortress walls for weeks. But within those walls stood the Helldivers, their determination unbreakable. Major Jaxon "Ironclad" Kane devised a brilliant countermeasure—a virus that infiltrated the Automaton neural networks, causing them to turn on each other. The once-unstoppable war machines now tore themselves apart, their circuits sparking and limbs flailing. Fort Titan stood firm, and the Automatons retreated.

## **The Desolation of Cygnus IV**

Cygnus IV, a once-verdant colony, now lay in ruins. The Terminids had burrowed deep into the planet's crust, their subterranean tunnels a labyrinth of death. General Aria "Voidblade" Thorne led a surgical strike, deploying Helldiver squads armed with seismic charges. The ground quaked as the tunnels collapsed, burying the Terminids alive. The price was high—many brave Helldivers lost—but Cygnus IV was liberated.

## **The Turning Point**

As we broadcast this message, the tide has shifted. The Terminids and Automatons retreat, their forces fractured. The Helldivers, our beacon of hope, press forward. We honor the fallen, those who gave their lives for the Federation. Their names are etched into our hearts, their sacrifice fueling our resolve.

Citizens, rally behind our Helldivers. Support them with your fervor, your resources, and your unwavering belief in the Federation. For in this war, we fight not just for survival, but for the very essence of humanity—the spark that refuses to be extinguished.

Remember the words of our founder, Juan "Skyhawk" Rico: "Service guarantees citizenship." Stand tall, citizens. The Helldivers march, and the galaxy trembles.

**[End of Transmission]**
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